About Kat

Born and Raised in the 305 (Hialeah Florida), Kat has always been surrounded by art. In fact when people ask her how did she get so talented?, her response, “Art runs in my Veins”.

Daughter of and Artist/Architect, she remembers her father teaching her the basics as a little girl. Unfortunately he passed when she was 11 but he’s teaching stayed true in her heart. Obsessed by bettering her self & hopefully becoming like her dad. Kat studied other artist & is always learning new techniques. 

Today she is a mother of 2 boys and finds herself teaching them when the interest sparks. 

Kat has fallen into the world of pinstriping/ Kustom Kulture, and what a world it is! Her specialty is painting Pinups, and Rat/Kat Fink creations. Merging the 2 have really inspired her. Her boyfriend Robert Messenger owns and operates “Messenger Hot Rods” in Pensacola FL & is also a pinstriper and artist. Together they team up and are taking over the panhandle. 

“We are an unstoppable force, When 2 artist come together with their ideas & ambitions, it feels like we can take over the world. I love creating with him!”